Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Chapter 11

At the sound of Jake’s voice, Jon looked over at his sons shocked face.

 “It’s not like you two haven’t gone out before?” Jake asked still standing in the doorway.

“Yeah, we’re becoming friends, we’ve seen each other for coffee and a couple of dates, but I’d like to see her more.” Jon said, waiting on world war three to break out.  “But I want to make sure if it’s alright with you guys first.”

Jake looked at Romeo, it wasn’t like they hadn’t talked about their dad dating again. But he wanted to date my teacher, Jake thought. “You didn’t ask us before.”  Jake mumbled and looked down at his feet.

“Is she the lady you took to Uncle Southsides concert?”  Romeo asked. He remembered what Stephanie had said, it was time for his dad to start back dating, and Miss O’Sullivan was really pretty.

‘Yes she was Romie, we’ve gone out for coffee a few times, and we went out last week.”  Jon looked pointedly at Jake when he referenced the date to get him out of the house, so Jake could steal his song lyrics.

“Well I’m okay with it, I sort of hope I get her for English next year.” Romeo told his dad. 

That left Jake to give his opinion.  She was the reason he was on restrictions, well that wasn’t exactly the truth, he was the reason he was on restrictions. He did like Miss O’Sullivan, and his dad seemed different in the past few months since his mom had died.  He was happy.

“I guess it’s okay.”  Jake grudging gave his approval.  His friends would have a field day, his dad and Miss O’Sullivan, shoot me now.  Jake shrugged his shoulders and headed back to his room.

Jon was shocked it was that easy to get his dating approved by his youngest.  Better talk to the older two now, he thought.

Romeo, headed to his room and Jon closed the office door and pulled out his phone.

Colleen finished grading papers and looked at her class blog that the school made each teacher post.  If the parents had questions or students needed help, this was supposed to help.  It was just more work for the teacher, or so a lot of the older teachers thought.  After fielding homework questions, while she ate a sandwich and washed it down with a big glass of soda.  She needed the sugar, after not sleeping much the night before, worrying about how the meeting would go with Jon and Jake.

Shutting down the laptop, she was officially on her time. “Coll, you deserve to treat yourself to a big glass of wine or a bubble bath?” Colleen said out loud to the empty house.  Thinking back to her meeting with the Bongiovi men and the outcome.  She could see they were just like two peas in a pod. Not just only in the looks department.  Looking at the clock, it was earlier than she expected.  “You can to both Coll.” 

She laughed going to the kitchen for her bottle of wine.  Taking her bottle and glass into her bathroom.  Soon she had some tunes playing on her phone, beside the glass of wine on her bathtub caddy, with her bottle of wine, within refill distance on the floor.  Her brother had teased her when she had the glassed in shower stall removed and the claw foot tub put in.  But before moving into the private school, working in the public school sector, she needed this tub after each day of school.

She had loaded all of Bon Jovi’s albums on her iTunes, and putting it on shuffle, she never knew what tunes would come up.  Slipping down into the hot water and bubbles, she pulled the caddy close enough to reach her glass and slipped down with a deep sigh.

The water was cooling down when she got a call.  Drying her hands she reached for the phone, it was Jon calling.

“Hey.”  She smiled.

“Hey, you aren’t busy are you?”  Jon wished he had a glass of wine.  But after getting the go ahead from Jesse and Stephanie, he didn’t want to wait to call Colleen.  Then it hit him the music he heard in the background, she’s listening to Crush, he thought with a smile

“Nope just relaxing in the tub, with my iTunes and a glass of wine.”  Colleen laughed, why did she tell him she was in the tub?

“Jon, are you still there?”  Colleen asked.


  1. lovin' the story. Please don't make us wait so long in between chapters!

    1. I'm blaming on the heat, but it happens when it doesn't flow to the paper. I'm 5 paragraphs into a new chapters. It's coming